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Lash Yarn
Lash Length: Short*
Approx. 70G**
Approx. 50M (~54YD)***
Made in Turkey

Depending on the lei design and the lei maker, the number of skeins needed will vary. Most customers are able to make one Straw Lei (approx. 22" - 36") using one skein (ball). Depending on your hand tension, your preference as to tightness, tension, and density; you may need more than one skein. 
Please keep in mind, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

*When it comes to the Short Lash Yarn (TU), there may be slight variations in the lash length and lash fullness. We cannot guarantee the same lash length or fullness amongst the varying colors or shipments. As long as it is in stock, we will pull the approx. same lash length/fullness as all other Short Lash Yarn (TU) that you order.

**There is a misprint on the label. While most skeins are approx. 75g. When weighed at random, the range of weight was approx. 70g - 90g. We can only guarantee the minimum weight will be approx. 70g.

***As with the weight, there is a misprint on the label as to the length. The more accurate approx. length is 54YD. The yarn industry measures yarn by weight. This means the weight and length are not correlated. A heavier skein may be shorter in length because the spine is thicker, lashes are fuller, etc. We measured a few skeins at random. The range of length was anywhere from approx. 54YD - 70YD. 

****Each skein may not be one continuous piece.
*****Photos are not to scale. 

PLEASE NOTE: Colors may vary. Due to the many color variations in monitors, variations in browsers, variations in dye lots between shipments; the color may appear different to you in person. We do our very best to make sure pictures shown are as close to the product in stock. Sometimes, due to sourcing from various manufacturers, size lots may vary. While we try our very best to maintain consistency, many times these factors are out of our hands.
Mahalo Nui Loa for your understanding!